Adhese 2.0.41

New API Features

An endpoint /api/bookings/online?hour=yyyyMMddhh is available yielding most ads available at this hour given the current setup.

Endpoints /api/locations, /api/publications and /api/publishers are available with rudimentary information. The API calls are documented here


The order of entries in a compound rotation line will be cycled through depending on the hour of the day. This will allow a more evenly distribution over multiple creatives trafficked to the same booking in over-delivery conditions. The legacy behaviour can be set by adding false for the cycleCreatives key in the configuration.


Fixed various issues related to running in java 11

Campaign properties and campaign property groups now fill in a default value for code based on the name if left blank in the interface

A problem with some animated gifs that could not be used as a creative was fixed

An issue in Campaign Actions Report Per Position and Datamine Viewability Report