Adhese 2.0.40

Improvements and new features

AD-2528 - Extended the Adhese Alerting service when there are technical issues with for instance video ads.

In the Create Alert window in the admin screen clients now have access to triggering alerts on tracked rate (like delivery rate).

AD-2573 - Improved Hotfolder processing

AD-2555 - Adhese can now show a 'message of the day' after login (planned releases, downtime etc)

AD-2577 - A column device type was added to the Campaign Action Report per Position

AD-2550 - An API-only variant of the daily inventory report is available giving data for a single day. It's available using the syntax



AD-2575 - fixed an issue where a cookie was still set for a deactivated behavioural target

AD-2574 - fixed an issue in the channel interface where position count was incorrect

AD-2582 - fixed an issue where file-types of uploaded creatives were not checked against the constraints of the format

AD-2588 - client specific - fixed an api issue where a campaign with no bookings (because they were stopped and thus inactive) broke external systems