Adhese 2.0.38

New Features

  • The login logic was modified for compatibility with future products
  • Priority can now be set at booking level, overriding the campaign priority :



  • A 2nd NOT operator for targets that does not include unknown values is available now:
    Now you can target with a double not. Like !!proximus
    This means that unknown providers are not targeted.
    A single ! does include unknowns.
  •  Campaign priority labels are now fixed and ignore the UI language preferences
  • Added a warning when using the http:// scheme where https:// is expected in a third party tag
  • Added messages to the UI with more info for the forecasting figures.



  • Added start constraint for continuous rotation bookings (newsletters)
  • Better distinction between main and sub format positions in the UI
  • An "End of campaign" setting is available for the Alert service, a summary report can be included in the alert mail (see documentation
  • Advar template elements can now be made mandatory.  
  • Paused bookings are now be displayed in the planning screen. Paused bookings have a grey background colour.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some issues relating to the Rate Card form and cleaned up the validation code
  • Stopped bookings can no longer be modified
  • Fixed an issue with expanding bar in the booking filter 
  • Fixed an issue in the show/hide Campaign ID toggle
  • Fixed an issue where CPM in campaigns with ADM priced bookings could not be calculated