Adhese 2.0.35

New in the interface

  • Button Show/Hide removed bookings.

From now on stopped bookings (that have not gained any impression) are default not visible in the campaign's bookings list. With the Show removed bookings button active you can make them visible again in the interface. Stopped bookings that have not gained any impression cannot be resumed again. (see documentation Stop a booking)



  • When adding additional creatives, the format field no longer fills in the format of the main creative but remains empty
  • When an inactive user tries to reset a user's password Adhese won't send a password reset mail anymore. Only active users can use the reset password function
  • The recently ended campaign filter in the delivery screen now shows the campaigns that ended a week before


  • Some small layout changes: search box is back it's normal size and the inventory screen does not break out of its box
  • Fixed a bug causing the interface to hang
  • Fixed an issue where system device types weren't added when targeting device type brand
  • (For Mediafin) added prio one priority