VAST Ad Pods

About Ad Pods

An Ad Pod is a sequenced group of ads. It gives publishers the ability to display multiple video ads within a single ad placement. The ads can play before, during, or after the content video plays. Ad pods are very similar to TV commercial breaks. 

Ad Pods in Adhese


Fill in the necessary brackets in the following request URL for an ad pod and enter it into your VAST-supporting video player. 

https://ads-[client][position identification]/[targeting]/?max_ads=[max number of desired ads]&t=[timestamp]
  • max_ads: the max amount of ads returned by Adhese.

Adhese will fill the ad pod response at maximum with the number provided in the request. The returned amount of ads will depend on different parameters, like availability and targeting. 


VAST ads are implemented with an XML Advar template. There has to be one <Ad/> tag. This tag can have unique attributes. For example, to influence the placing of an ad in an ad pod, a sequence suggestion can be added:

<Ad sequence="0">
VAST ad implementation

The given sequence number will not end up in the final ad, but Adhese will do its best to place the ad in the desired location. When sequence="0" the ad prefers to be placed first in a pod. When sequence="-1" the ad prefers to be placed last in a pod. When sequence="1" it prefers the second spot and so on.