Adhese 2.0.32


The spreadsheet and PDF reports on the campaign Documents tab will be deprecated in one of the future releases, as they are not compatible with the new metrics that will be introduced. These reports will be replaced by a new report which contains all the information that is present in the current documents. 

New features


  • To make it more easy to select all the sites of a specific publisher in the Datamine screen, the publisher's name is now added before the site name in the drop-down menus.
  • Added new column with the creative's format name to the Per creative per day report.  

A column was inserted between existing columns. This may affect automated processes that use the Per Creative per day report.

  • Forecasting is now automatically updated for all target combinations currently in use.
  • Order upload gets rejected if the quote field of a publisher is not filled in. For more information, read Create a new publisher and Manage campaigns and bookings over XML format.
  • It is now possible to configure the header background color of Excel reports.
  • Added IDs for publications, formats and/or locations to default alerting template
  • The date format has changed when downloading an active ratecard over API. The format is now DD-MM-YYYY. See Download active ratecard.


  • Fixed possible issue in unlinking duplicated 'all together' bookings 
  • Added subformat column and sorting to positions overview (admin screen)
  • Improved sorting tables on dates
  • Improved graph display on booking screens
  • Added validation to trafficking weights, disallowing zero weights for trafficking creatives to bookings
  • Added empty/stacked impressions to Monthly inventory report (datamine)
  • Duplicated ratecards are now named "Copy of..."
  • Link to Adhese configuration has been removed from the admin screen
  • Renamed 'Position search' and 'Add wave' dialogs in Booking screens


  • Database structure modified to prepare for new log data
  • Improved logging of actions from order upload xml
  • Added reporting on the completion of reports