Third-party tracking

In addition to the Adhese reporting tools, it is also possible to let a third-party platform monitor your creatives. This process is also known as third-party tracking

To add third-party tracking to creatives, you need to define the unique tracking URL given to you by your third-party vendor. 

Add third-party tracking to a creative

  1. When adding a creative in the New creative screen, go to the Header tab's Tracking section.
  2. Enter the tracking URL given by your vendor in the Tracking URL field. 
  3. Click the Save button.

About tracking URLs and tags

The collection of letters and numbers at the end of a tracking URL is the tag. You can only use a transparent 1x1-pixel image or tracking pixel

If Adhese recognises the third-party vendor and its specific tracking URL, Adhese replaces the placeholders with the correct value. If a tracking URL contains one of the following values, Adhese replaces it with a timestamp:

  • [timestamp]
  • [random]
  • [cachebuster]
  • %d 
  • %n 

If Adhese does not automatically recognise the type of tracking URL of a specific third-party vendor, it is important to add the correct Adhese tokens within the placeholders of the given third-party tracking URL. This enables Adhese to track the creative accurately, and therefore, to reduce third-party discrepancies in reporting.

Make sure you do not use duplicate URLs. Otherwise, your results will be counted twice.