Adhese 2.0.31


New features

  • You can now add a star to a campaign, booking or creative. For more information, read Status stars.


  • Fixed a bug where Alerts (introduced in 2.0.29) were not rendered correctly.


  • In the Header tab of a campaign, you can now only choose the publishers you are assigned to in your user profile.
  • Created new Monthly inventory per country report in Datamine to list the impressions by country (only if country info is available in your setup).
  • Added Publisher column to Campaign report per position to allow easy grouping of impressions per publisher.
  • Prepared new log processing for an upcoming feature.
  • Reverted the fix for Libre Office formula recalculation introduced in version 2.0.29 as it generated unpredicted high volume of memory usage while generating a report.
  • Made sure MIME types are consistent for al types of responses.
  • Applied security patches.
  • Added translations to the Documents tab reports. 


  • Small improvements to the dashboards
  • Campaign priorities can now set a default value that determines whether or not a campaign is allowed to compete with RTB revenue. Click here for more information.


  • Fixed an issue when the traffic tab shows a connection although a creative got uncoupled because of a dimensions error during the Hotfolder upload. 
  • Updated the Hotfolder confirmation page to show the correct interface URL.


  • For campaigns created by OrdersUploadXML, fixed a bug where different advertiser companies did not show as expected in the interface. 
  • For campaigns created by OrdersUploadXML, fixed an issue where it was not possible to add advertiser info in the Adhese interface.
  • Fixed a bug where empty screenshots were returned because of latency.