Status stars

When you add a star to campaigns, bookings, or creatives in Adhese, you mark them as important.

The Campaign, Booking, and Creative overview have an extra column for the status stars. For more information about how to display this column, refer to Personalize table columns.

You can sort the overview in this column to group all starred campaigns, bookings, or creatives. All starred campaigns, bookings, or creatives will either be displayed at the beginning or end of the overview. 

The status star column is also available in the Delivery overview and lets you monitor starred bookings. 

Add a star

There are two ways to add a star to an individual campaign, booking, or creative:

  1. Go to the relevant overview and tick the star from the Star status column. The star is yellow now. 
  2. Go to the relevant individual campaign, booking, or creative. Tick the star next to the main status and title at the top of its overview. The star is yellow now.

If you wish to add a star to multiple bookings: 

  1. In the Booking overview of a campaign, select the bookings you want to edit.
  2. Click the Edit multiple bookings button located above the Booking overview.
  3. In the Change multiple bookings simultaneously window, click Edit stars
    • To star the selected bookings, select Star these bookings.
    • To unstar the selected bookings, select Unstar these bookings.
  4. Click Save.