Adhese 2.0.27

New Features

  • Added a new report to Datamine: General revenue report. See Datamine > General for more info.
  • Created the possibility to send an automated email when an Option is about to expire.


  • Optimised the hourly publish cycle
  • Small cosmetic changes in the search box
  • Added clicks to the Video report per campaign
  • Ratecard related actions are now listed in the user logs


  • FIxed a bug where a search for locations of one publication was not possible
  • Fixed a bug where the template editor added extraneous characters
  • Fixed the 'days of the week - all day of the week' bug when editing multiple bookings
  • Fixed a bug where a user could not add a tariff less than 1


Multiple fixes and improvements: see Hotfolder

  • xxx-LINK.txt files are optional for 3rd party tags
  • Files are only removed when validation succeeds
  • Extra files are not processed sequentially