Adhese 2.0.24

New features

  • Expanded bulk edit options. The new bulk edit wizard increases the capabilities of the old one and works like a menu.
    See Edit multiple bookings.
  • Added global viewability report to the Datamine page.
  • 'to reach' is now a required field when saving an auto delivery booking.
  • Ratecards can be exported in the Ratecard admin screen.
  • Added new video report to campaign documents. See: Video report spreadsheet.


  • Fixed an issue in template duplication.
  • Updated code for generating MDB files.
  • Improved and optimized search.
  • Fixed an issue where the Interface was unresponsive when opening a long running booking.


  • Added positions not in any channel to the channel spreadsheet.
  • Added 'Ended recently' filter to the Campaign and Delivery screen.
  • Added Publisher column to the Revenue per campaign report (Datamine > Revenue > per campaign).
  • Made upload screen uniform for different types of creatives.
  • CPC is now supported in MDB files.
  • Clarified labels in various reports.
  • Moved Extra fields to "Extra" from "Tracking" on Creative screen.
  • Auto delivery will now start, even when there is no forecast.