Adhese 2.0.22

New features


  • 3rd party tag link has been hidden until further improvements have been made. 
  • Improved editing bookings created after selecting a new wave.
  • Improved speed and loading of the graph data
  • Improved the bookings filter
    • Loading Indicators have been added.
    • Select / Deselects all items.
    • Alt-clicking on the label of a column (not the checkbox) inverts the selection of its items.
    • Improved search.
    • Fixed other small bugs
  • Updated HTML5 clicktag detection
  • SOV percentages for bookings can now be typed out
  • Campaign creation date now shows the full timestamp
  • Improved user security
  • A link to the ratecard configuration has been added to the Admin screen 
  • The speed of the campaign search has been improved: Searching NOTE: you now have to press enter to start your search
  • A viewable tracker has been made available as template tag and json response attribute: List of JSON response structure object fieldsParameters for templates and Advar templates. This tracker will be used in reports available in one of the upcoming releases.
  • Improved logging of user actions 
  • Added extra internal monitoring to server jobs
  • Filling caches has been sped up. This has improved publish times
  • Changed labels to be more consistent accros the interface
  • Improved validation in Bulk edit popup
  • Improved handling of copied campaigns


  • Fix a bug in Daily traffic graph that displayed wrong error message
  • Fixed editing of multiple bookings in Firefox

Rubicon Push API

Further improved Rubicon Push API integrations