Components of the Adhese UI

The user interface of Adhese has several components that make it easy to navigate, search, perform actions, etc. 

It depends upon the context and the user permissions, what actions you can perform and which elements are visible in the interface. 

You find a search bar located at the top of each screen within the Adhese user interface. Use this search bar to quickly navigate to a specific campaign, booking, or creative. 

If you click the search bar, the results box becomes visible. 

Select whether you want to search for campaigns, bookings, or creatives and enter a search term in the search bar.

Main navigation

You can reach the main screens of the Adhese interface by using the main navigation menu on the left. 

By default, the main navigation is expanded. Click the left arrow at the top of the navigation bar to collapse the navigation menu. Only the icons of the corresponding screens remain visible.

Tabulated overviews

Adhese displays the campaign management data in tabulated overviews for the publishers and/or sub-publishers you are assigned to.

In such an overview, a row represents an individual entity (i.e. campaign, booking, or creative) and a column represents an attribute or property of the entity.

You can customise these overviews by personalising the table columns or using the campaign filter.

Campaign filter

A campaign filter is available in some of the overviews. 

The campaign filter allows you to select different kinds of campaigns. The content of the overview will change according to the chosen campaign attributes.


A breadcrumb trail shows where you are in the navigation structure of the Adhese interface. Click any breadcrumb link to go to the corresponding screen.

Tab navigation

Tab navigation is available on some screens to navigate between a campaign its properties and entities (i.e. bookings and creatives). 

Drop-down navigation

You can easily switch between campaigns, bookings, or creatives by using a drop-down menu. This drop-down menu is located in the upper right corner of each overview for an individual campaign, booking, and creative. 

The drop-down menu appears by clicking inside the box and shows the available campaigns, bookings or creatives.

Navigation dropdown menu

Click the arrows next to the drop-down menu to navigate to the next or previous campaign, booking, or creative.


Action buttons are available right above the tabulated overviews. These buttons enable you to perform specific tasks.