Pricing and payments


Rate cards are useful for creating predefined campaigns as a product or a package. By using rate cards, you can create a complete order for a campaign in just a few seconds.

The Rate cards screen presents all active and inactive rate cards. 

For a description of the different table columns, refer to Table columns - Rate cards

The Rate cards screen lets you duplicate, activate or deactivate a rate card:

  • To duplicate a rate card, select the rate card and click the Copy button. 
  • To activate an inactive rate card, select the rate card and click the Activate button. 
  • To deactivate an active rate card, select the rate card and click the Deactivate button. 

To create a new rate card, click the Add rate card button.

Public rate card

The Public rate card screen presents all public rates from a publisher that are created in Adhese. These rates are equal to the public rate cards that a publisher publishes to its clients. 

To add a new rate:

  1. Click the Create a new rate button. This opens the Create a new rate screen.
  2. Specify the following details:
    1. Select a pricing model from the Pricing drop-down.
    2. Select a publication from the Publication drop-down. 
    3. Select a format from the Format drop-down.
    4. Enter a rate in the Rate field. 
  3. Click the Save button.

The functioning of the Public rate card screen is more or less equal to the Rate cards screen but less comprehensive. When the Rate cards screen and the Financial tab of a campaign are up and running in the Adhese interface, the Public rate card screen will no longer be significant.

Booking settings

The Booking settings screen is no longer of significance.