The Customers screen lists all available companies to add in the Client part of the campaign Header tab.

Customers screen

The Customers screen presents a table with four columns:

  1. The Company name column specifies the name of the client or company.
  2. The Postal code column details the postal code of the city where the company is located.
  3. The City column shows the city where the company is located. 
  4. The AMS column shows the AMS ID of the company.

Use the Invoice Type drop-down to filter the list of companies by the way they are invoiced. Determine the number of results to display from the Number of results drop-down. Use the search a contact bar to search for a specific company. Sort the list with companies by the Company name column.

To add a new client or company, click the Add a new company button. 

To edit a company, click the company's name you want to modify or use the edit icon.