Adhese 2.0.19

New and improved features

  • RTB Gateway: streamlined publish process
  • HTML5: added tracking and extra1/2 fields
  • HTML5: improved clicktag detection for compressed code
  • Reports no longer block non-report activities
  • More extensive logging for updates triggered by xml upload (or other non-interface sources)
  • Admin: modified positions, publications and template interface
  • Improved channel export report / position export report


  • Campaign priorities with the same numerical priority are now listed as different options in the campaign priority dropdown
  • Creatives: "ignore errors" is now always unchecked by default
  • Creatives: explicitely log when user ignores errors
  • Added pause/resume functionality in delivery overview
  • Modified password reset link
  • Added link to documentation in the interface (Help button)
  • Changed wording in advar forms (format > template)


  • Removed "valid until" for new campaigns (now only available for offers and options)
  • Enabled crossdomain.xml for preview host
  • Admin: clarified status of inactive positions in positions list
  • API: campaignID no longer modifiable field for bookings
  • HTML5: file permissions after exploding an html5 archive are now explicitly set