Adhese 2.0.18.X



  • Created extra file buttons for uploading HTML5 creatives with additional material (wallpaper etc)

  • HTML5 clickTag detection now accepts alternative notations (spaces and tabs)

  • Removed alternative creative button in the add HTML5 creative screen

  • Preview and live preview of HTML5 creative is now active



  • Fixed login issue in Win7 and IE11

  • Fixed the Campaign Event Report where numbers were written as text

  • Fixed issue where links in newsletters did not click through to the correct URL

  • Fixed issue where PDF documents did not open in browser



  • Saving an all-together booking is now faster

  • Inactive option and offer headers are now in other colours. Option is light orange (#f9e1cf) and offer is light green (#c2d1b5)

  • Improved speed of booking list in a campaign

  • Improved forecasting

  • Campaign actions report is now available in the Documents tab