Adhese 2.0.17

First published:  

New and improved features


  • Revenue report per position: lines are now grouped by booking
  • The content of the Distribution per publisher datamining report is changed and improved
  • Creatives: added support for non-ascii file names in creative upload
  • Creatives: allow URLs longer than 255 characters (now 500 chars)
  • Creatives: improved json ad previews for non-logged in users
  • Campaign screen: Client Contact behaves in the same way as 'Add advertiser company'
  • Campaign screen: comment fields now larger 
  • Escape dubious characters in <ADHESE_ORDER_NAME> and other fields
  • Provided URIENCODED alternative for <ADHESE> template tags (documentation)
  • Booking screen: added position name to list of excluded positions 
  • API change: added active ratecard # to lineItems.item.rate.ratecardId


  • Fixed possible caching issue with image creatives in preview
  • Fixed some navigation issues
  • Fixed possible <ADHESE_CLICK_TAG> and <ADHESE_URL> issues in preview
  • Added some translations
  • Sped up the template select view
  • Fixed a bug where no constraints could be set for the 5th and 6th creative of a template.