Expand your reach beyond desktop and traditional display and begin to sell your inventory across your mobile content and application. Make every device matter and leverage your brand position across screens.

If a user is browsing the Internet with a mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet, Adhese can serve any display advertising format – whether the environment is adapted or not to the mobile user. Next to the monetization of mobile websites, advertising within applications or In-App advertising is possible as well.

Whatever platform you wish to use to communicate and engage with your mobile audience, Adhese can be integrated on any mobile device and platform. Be it a responsive website, an adaptive website, a native application or a second screen app – the setup of Adhese is platform-agnostic.

Device targeting

Adhese enables the identification of visitors across all mobile touchpoints. Adhese tracks several parameters across applications and (mobile) websites to identify the device used to engage with your brand properties. 

Adhese reaches your audiences across different: 

  • Mobile device types, e.g. desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones
  • Manufacturers, e.g. Apple, Samsung, and Nokia
  • Web browsers, e.g. Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • and Operating systems OS X, iOS, Android, Windows, ...

For more information about mobile targeting, refer to Brand targeting

In-app advertising

With our JSON ad serving solution, mobile ad serving is not limited to straightforward banners at the device screen's top or bottom. JSON enables you to deliver campaigns inside a mobile application, such as a full-screen splash ad or any other ad creative that fits within your app. For more information, refer to App integration.