Integrations with third-party demand sources

Is there a nice spot on your website where advertisers are fighting for, or do you have some space left that needs filling? Adhese enables the full integration and implementation of many third parties, such as real-time bidding (RTB) systems and third-party ad servers. We are continuously partnering with new parties. Refer to the list of third-party ad servers and marketplaces for an overview of parties Adhese integrates with.

Third-party ad creatives

Advertisers or advertising agencies often work with their own ad servers, such as Google DFP, OpenX, or Atlas. This allows advertisers to maintain control over the ad creative and to obtain reporting about campaign delivery. 

If an advertiser sends the piece of code for an ad creative, you will need to upload that ad creative as a third-party ad tag in the Adhese user interface. Implementing and trafficking third-party ad tags is easy. Adhese recognises almost all third-party ad servers and will automatically replace the placeholders of the ad tag's code when it is pasted into the corresponding field.

Adhese enables the implementation of third-party ad tags from multiple third parties or external ad servers and networks. Refer to the list of third-party ad servers and marketplaces for an overview of supported third-party ad servers.

For more information about adding a third-party ad tag to a campaign, refer to Add a third-party tag.

Real-time bidding integrations 

In short, programmatic buying enables an automated buying and selling of online ad inventory. The automatic nature of programmatic transactions intends to simplify the ad buying process and reduce the risk of human error characteristic of direct buys.

Real-time bidding is a programmatic tool that mimics an auction: each impression is individually sold based on a maximum bid price (set by the advertiser) and a floor price (set by the publisher).

Adhese enables publishers to make inventory available to an RTB demand source and integrates with several third-party marketplaces thanks to the openRTB protocol. You are not restricted to a single marketplace or network. Adhese allows you to be platform-independent and let your collection of RTB demand sources compete with one another for your traffic. 

Yield management: Everything is revenue

Adhese makes yield management simple. Be it a direct-sold, in-house, or programmatic RTB campaign: Adhese allocates your inventory to the highest performing demand source. 

Adhese gathers all demand sources and lets them simultaneously compete with each other. Adhese is a real-time decision engine and makes sure you capture the maximum value for every impression and maximise fill rates by matching the right ad to the right visitor – based on your specifications and following your strategy. 

Your data stays where it is supposed to be: in your hands. You do not lose control over your inventory as you decide what inventory you want to make available.