Find answers to frequently asked questions about the use and functioning of Adhese. 

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Inventory setup

Q: I cannot create a new location because the location URL is already in use. How can I investigate to which location the URL belongs to?    

A: To know if a URL is already in use, go to the Admin screen and click Positions. Enter the desired URL in the search bar and click the magnifying glass icon. If the URL is already in use, the results page will list the URL. However, if the URL is already in use, but the results page does not list it, the existing URL may belong to an inactive publication. Therefore, click the Download all positions as spreadsheet button and open the spreadsheet file to investigate whether the existing URL belongs to an inactive publication.


Q: Why can't I duplicate a campaign?

A: It is impossible to duplicate a campaign if one of the bookings of a campaign is booked on an inactive position. A position is considered to be inactive if the position or its corresponding location is removed.

Q: Adhese continues to measure clicks while my campaign is offline. 

A: This situation can occur if someone saves the web page (where the ad was located) locally. Consequently, if this person opens this page locally after the campaign delivery period has ended, no impressions are measured because Adhese does not receive a request to deliver this (offline) campaign. However, the ad is still visible on the local page. If this person clicks the ad, Adhese measures a click because this passes via Adhese using the live click URL. 

Q: What is a good click-through rate?

A: There is no magic formula for a good click-through rate. A click-through rate differs across different campaigns because of factors such as age and location. In the Report tab of a campaign, booking, and creative, you can view a click rate benchmark report that enables you to compare the performance of a click rate with the average click rate. 


Q: I have just created a booking, but it isn't online. 

A: Please check the following list of factors that might provide a reason why a booking does not deliver:

  • Is the booking already published? Adhese automatically publishes all bookings every hour. Alternatively, if you have the proper user rights, you can publish manually by clicking the Publish button in the upper right corner of the Adhese interface. Check if the booking appears online after the publishing process is finished. 
  • Does the defined period of the booking correspond to the moment you are checking?
  • Does the targeting criteria of the booking match your profile?
  • Is the to reach volume of a booking filled incorrectly?
    • When Auto is chosen as the delivery method, you have to fill in a campaign volume goal or a booking volume goal
    • When SOV is selected as the delivery method, you must insert a delivery percentage. Please note that you might need to refresh your browser tab repeatedly to see the booking in case the delivery percentage is low.
  • Use the Forecasting tool and analyse the forecasted delivery of the booking. Check if there are any competitive bookings with a higher priority.
  • All bookings are delivered as evenly as possible. However, competitive bookings with the same priority can get a better ranking when they are behind their delivery schedule and/or end sooner. This is also displayed in the forecasting graphic of the booking. 
  • If a position is recently created (less than two weeks ago), there is no forecasting available yet. Therefore, if the booking is booked at a recently created position, you need to select SOV as the delivery method.
  • An ad tag must be implemented for the booked position to deliver a booking. Check if an ad tag is implemented at the location where the booking should deliver.

Q: Why has the delivery of a booking stopped, even though the booking volume (as determined in the to reach field) is not achieved yet?

A: If the delivery of a booking stops before the booking volume is reached, you have likely combined multiple volume goals at different levels. Have a look at the volume at the campaign level and check if a campaign volume goal is defined. If yes, it is possible that the campaign volume goal is already achieved and, as a result, campaign delivery will stop. This means that the delivery of each booking will stop as well – even though a booking has not achieved its volume goal yet. Therefore, it is wise to ensure some logic between the to reach volume of a campaign and its individual bookings if you are planning to combine multiple goals at different levels.


Q: I have just uploaded a creative, but the landing page does not open correctly when I click the creative.

A: Please check the following list of factors that might provide a reason to why a landing page does not open correctly:

  • Did you enter the URL of the landing page in the correct field, namely the URL field?
  • Is the URL of the landing page actually already published? 

Q: Why can't I preview a third-party tag in the Adhese interface?

A: If the tag contains an action script with an HTTP request, various browsers may block the preview because the Adhese interface connects through HTTPS. It depends on the kind of browser what should be done to preview the creative. Please refer to Add a third-party tag: Preview for more information about how to enable the preview. 

Q: Can I upload an HTTPS third-party tag through Adhese?

A: Yes, you can upload an HTTPS third-party tag through Adhese. In fact, Adhese runs on HTTPS to provide a fast and secure experience.

Q: I have uploaded a .mp4 file, but the video content is not displayed within the video player; only the sound is played.

A: To play a video clip, the .mp4 file must be encoded with the right codec, namely H.264. Therefore, check the encoding of your video file. Please refer to Video ad serving for more information. 

Q: I have uploaded an image file, but the image is not displayed.

A: Please check the colour model of the image. This should be set to RGB. In some cases, the image's colour model is set to CMYK, which is the colour model used for printed materials.


Q: How do I compute the fill rate of a position?

A: The fill rate indicates what percentage of a position's total available inventory volume has been sold. To compute the monthly fill rate of a publication's position, download the Monthly inventory data mining report and do not tick the Include channels in report box. Open the report file and divide the number of sold impressions (column X) by the position's total available volume of impressions (column F).


Q: Why does Adhese report no impressions?

A: If ad delivery is inhibited, Adhese reports no impressions for a booking. Please refer to Ad delivery for a list of factors that explain why no impressions are being delivered. 

Q: Why does Adhese report no clicks?

A: Please refer to Clicks for a list of factors that explain why a report does not indicate any clicks. 

Q: Why is there a difference between the reporting figures of Adhese and a third party?

A: A mismatch between the reports of Adhese and a third party can occur if an advertiser manages its campaigns through its own ad server. These differences in reporting are better known as (third-party) discrepancies. The online advertising industry accepts a maximum discrepancy of 5 to 10 per cent. Please refer to Third-party discrepancies for more information about the reasons that are known to cause discrepancies.

Q: Why can't I log in to Adhese?

A: Let an administrator of your company check if you use the correct user name. The administrator can also set another password which you can later change to make it private. Please refer to Reset your password for more information.

In some cases, you cannot log into Adhese when you have an adblocker active.