Server-side request parameters

The ad server replaces the following list of parameters with the request information for each personalised request. The parameters can be used in any template, Advar template or third-party code.


[adheseExpand: <ID>]

[adheseReplace: <ID>]

Is replaced by the values sent with the corresponding ID from the request.


A unique number used for reporting.


All parameters used in the ad request.


Contains the full request as it is sent to the ad server but replaces all semicolon-separated values by a /prefixValue/ clause.

[adheseSetExpandPrefix: <prefix>]


Unix timestamp at the moment of sending the response, the number of milliseconds since 1970-01-01 0:00:00.


This parameter can contain additional parameters that are added to the targets of the request, for example, dmADV <ADHESE_ADVERTISER_ID>;OR <ADHESE_ORDER_ID>.


This parameter is replaced by the environment variable <KEY> of the request, for example [adheseEnv:HTTP_HOST]. See for an overview of all environment variables.


The value of the string identification for the requested position.


The value of the identification cookie.

[adheseDomain:ad_host],[adheseDomain:click_host], [adheseDomain:pool_host], [adheseDomain:track_host]

Contains the incoming host for the request. Usefull for 1st domain implementations with multiple domains.