Add a third-party tag

Advertisers or advertising agencies often work with their own ad servers. Adhese enables the implementation of third-party ad tags from multiple third parties or external ad servers and networks. Refer to the List of third-party ad servers and marketplaces for an overview of third-party ad servers. 

To add a third-party tag:

  1. Go to the Campaign overview, click Campaigns in the left navigation menu of Adhese.
  2. Click the campaign for which you want to upload a creative.
  3. Click the Creatives tab. The Creative overview opens.
  4. Click the Add 3rd party button. The New creative screen opens.
    Add a third party tag - click for larger view

Specify the details of the creative under the following headings:


  • After you save the creative, Adhese automatically generates an ID.
  • Give the creative a meaningful and obvious name in the Name field. A distinct name makes it easy to recognise the creative in the next step when the creative is attached to a booking.
  • In the Format field, click the Select format link. The List of formats modal window opens. Select the right format with the correct dimensions from the list and click the Save button.
  • The Last updated field denotes when the creative was updated for the last time.

Target URLs

  • The third party usually includes the target URL or the URL of the landing page of a third-party tag in the code. Therefore, you do not need to provide the target URL in the URL field.


  • Each campaign, booking and creative is monitored, and reports are available in the interface of Adhese. It is also possible to let a third party monitor a creative. The client needs to provide a tracking URL. This URL is inserted in the Tracking URL field. For more information about the tracking URL, refer to Third-party tracking.


  • The Extra field 1 and 2 input fields are custom input fields depending on the chosen format and template. These fields are used for adding extra functions, like adding a background colour to a wallpaper ad.

3rd party code

  • The JavaScript code of the third-party tag needs to be inserted in the Original code field.

Adhese checks the code when the creative is saved. If Adhese recognises the external server and its specific code, Adhese will process it and adjust it accordingly. The adjusted code will appear in the Parsed code and Parsed for JSON fields. 

If Adhese does not automatically recognise and parse the third-party tag, the unaltered third-party tag is copied. 

It is essential to add the correct Adhese tokens within the placeholders of the provided third-party tag code. This enables Adhese to parse the code correctly and track impressions and clicks accurately to reduce third-party discrepancies in reporting. Adhese will replace placeholders when the third-party tag is recognised. If not, replace a timestamp placeholder with %n and a click-tracking placeholder with %c. Adhese will then replace this with the corresponding values while saving the creative. For example, a third-party tag could look like this:

<script src=""> </script>

When you paste the correct tokens within the corresponding placeholders, the third-party tag will look like this:

<script src=""> </script>

Adhese will parse the code correctly and replace the %n and %c with the specific creative and campaign values when pasting the above line in the Original code field.

Adhese gives a warning when you try to paste an HTTP URL instead of an HTTPS one.


Do not forget to save the creative. Click the Save button in the upper right corner of the Creative header.

You have the option to save the booking by clicking on the Save button. When clicking the arrow next to this button, several saving options become available in a drop-down menu:

Save and create bookingSaves the current creative and opens a new create booking screen
Save and create Image CreativeSaves the current creative and opens a create Image Creative screen
Save and create 3rd party CreativeSaves the current creative and opens a create 3rd party Creative screen
Save and create Advar CreativeSaves the current creative and opens a create Advar Creative screen
Save and create HTML5 CreativeSaves the current creative and opens a create HTML5 Creative screen
Save and go to traffic screenSaves the current creative and goes to the Traffic screen for that creative

Upload files

If a third-party tag consists of more than one file, you can add these extra files to the third-party tag. After a format is selected, a new section becomes available: Upload files. Five buttons that make it possible for you to upload up to five extra files appear.

Additional creatives

After a format is selected, you can upload the main file of the creative. You have to save the main creative before you can upload the additional creative(s). An additional creative is a variant of the main creative, e.g. images with different dimensions for different platforms. For more information about how to upload additional creatives, refer to Additional creatives.


After the tag is inserted and the creative is saved, a visual preview of the creative will appear. Check if there are no errors. 

You can switch between the actual size of the creative and its thumbnail. To show the actual size, click the [ show actual size ] link or click the [ show thumbnail ] link to show the thumbnail.

If the tag contains an action script with an HTTP request, various browsers may block the preview because the Adhese interface connects through HTTPS. It depends on the kind of browser what should be done to preview the creative:

  • In Google Chrome, click the shield button situated on the right of the browser's address bar. Click the Load unsafe script button to enable the preview of the third-party creative.
    How to preview a third-party tag in Chrome
  • In Mozilla Firefox, click the shield button situated on the left of the browser's address bar. In the drop-down menu, choose Disable protection for now to enable the preview of the third-party creative.
    How to preview third-party tag in Firefox

Link to live preview

After the third-party tag is inserted and saved, you can preview the creative in its context. Use this feature to check if there are no errors (see the next paragraph: Checking the URL of the uploaded creative). We recommend checking the live preview in more than one browser. No impression will be taken into account while previewing a creative in the live-preview mode. For more information about live previewing a creative, refer to Live preview a creative.

The majority of third parties enable Adhese to display a preview or live preview.

A preview link will only be available if there is a booked position with the same dimensions as the format.

The URL of the live preview can be copied and forwarded to the client of the campaign to check if the creative is shown how the client wants the creative to be displayed.

Checking the URL of the uploaded creative

After you have uploaded and saved the third-party file, the URL of the landings page needs to be verified. To verify the URL:

  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click on the preview of the creative in the Adhese interface, or
    • Click on the creative in the live-preview mode.

    A new page is opened, and if the URL is correct, the following message will appear:
    Click tracking notification message
    If the above message does not appear, Adhese does not measure any clicks. Refer to Clicks for more information about possible solutions.

  2. Next, click the link in the message to check if the URL goes to the actual landing page.