Upload expandable creatives

An expandable creative increases beyond the original dimensions of the creative upon a user-initiated action like a click or a (delayed) mouse hover and, therefore, enables interaction with your audience. 

To create an expandable creative, use two image files. 

If you want to upload an expandable creative, you need two different creatives. The following clarification on how to upload an expandable creative uses a medium rectangle (300*250) that expands into an overlayer as an example.

To upload an expandable creative:

  1. Go to the Campaign overview, click Campaigns in the left navigation menu of Adhese.
  2. Create a new campaign or click the campaign for which you want to upload an expandable creative.
  3. Click the Creatives tab. The Creative overview opens.
  4. Click the Add Image button to add a creative.
  5. Give the creative a name, choose the correct format, and determine the target URL.
  6. Upload the image file of the medium rectangle as the main file.
  7. Upload the image file of the medium rectangle (or the overlayer ad) as the second file.
  8. Press the Save button.
  9. Check the live preview by moving your mouse over the medium rectangle.