Booking price

The Price section of the Booking header enables you to set the pricing details of a booking, such as a pricing model and corresponding unit price. 

The following input fields are optional to fill out and do not affect the start or delivery of a campaign.

  • Select the pricing model by which to charge a client from the Pricing type drop-down. Select one of the following pricing models:
    • CPM or cost per mille, the cost per thousand impressions for an ad.
    • CPD or cost per day, the daily cost to serve an ad.
    • CPC or cost per click, the cost for a single click on an ad.
    • CPL or cost per lead, the cost per action, such as a download, subscription to a newsletter, request of a brochure, …
    • CPP or cost per period is the cost for a fixed delivery period, independent of the number of impressions or clicks.
    • ADM or administrative cost, a cost that is unrelated to a volume or time.
  • Determine the price a client has to pay per thousand impressions, per day, per click, per lead, or per purchase in the Unit price field.
  • The Calculated price field multiplies the unit price by the reached volume of the pricing type.
  • Click the Add discount link to add a discount or surplus (in terms of a percentage or fixed number). This opens the Add discount modal window, where you determine the Discount type and select a comment. A discount is often applied for high volumes of bought impressions or specific packages.
  • The Total price field equals the calculated price minus the discount or plus the surplus.
  • The Campaign budget field repeats the budget of the campaign.