Delivery overview

The Delivery overview lets you monitor the delivery of all bookings using the delivery rate. To get to the Delivery overview, click Delivery in the left navigation menu.

Delivery overview - Click for a larger view

Delivery rate

The Delivery overview provides a detailed focus on how a booking delivers by showing the delivery rate (DR) in a distinct table column. The delivery rate indicates the health of a booking. It reveals if the delivery of a booking is on schedule and whether it will achieve its goal. 

Adhese uses a colour scale to give a quick view of the delivery rate. A green colour indicates that a booking is totally fine: the delivery is on schedule, and there are no anticipated problems. As the colour moves from green to yellow to red, Adhese considers the booking delivery as more problematic or less "healthy".

Color scale

Adhese computes the health of a booking by taking into account various factors, such as:

  • How much longer will the booking run? A low delivery rate does not pose a threat if the delivery period has just started or if it will run for a couple of weeks. Conversely, a low delivery rate may be an issue if the booking runs for a short period or gets close to its end date.

    Adhese prioritises bookings that end sooner over bookings that end later.
  • What is the available amount of the booked position's inventory, and how many impressions are still available to be booked? How much do other (competing) bookings take up? When multiple bookings with varying priority levels are booked at the same position, bookings with a higher priority have precedence in delivery.
  • What is the inventory share, or what percentage of the position's expected inventory does the booking take up? If a booking uses a tiny percentage of total inventory, it can receive more impressions easily. In contrast, bookings that use a considerable percentage of total inventory may need close monitoring. 

A delivery rate of 100% is considered as the ideal situation: the delivery is on schedule. Figures between 90% and 110% are considered to be healthy as well. The above factors need to be taken into account when evaluating the delivery rate.

A campaign that is under-delivering is delivering fewer impressions than specified for a period of time. A fall in traffic or an overbooked position may be possible reasons for under-delivery. If a booking is under-delivering, Adhese will try to speed up delivery. On the other hand, if a booking is over-delivering, Adhese will slow down the delivery working towards a delivery rate of 100%.

Adhese continuously monitors all running campaigns and modifies the delivery if needed. Adhese tries to finish all campaigns with the best possible result (even when a position is overbooked).

Components and actions of the Delivery overview UI

Campaign filter

You can change the content of the Delivery overview by

  • activating and deactivating several filters,
  • adjusting the calendar settings, and 
  • using the search tool.

For more information, click here.

Pause and resume

  • To pause the delivery of a booking, select one or more running bookings and click the Pause button located above the booking list. 
  • To resume delivery, select one or more paused bookings and click the Resume button. 

Clicking a table row

Clicking a booking from the overview redirects you to its Booking header tab.