Add a booking

To add a booking to a campaign:

  1. Go to the Campaign overview. Click Campaigns in the left navigation menu of Adhese.
  2. Click the campaign for which you want to add a booking. The  Header tab of the campaign opens.
  3. Click the Bookings tab. The Booking overview is displayed. The Booking overview lists all bookings that are created for the selected campaign.
    Booking overview - click for a larger view
  4. To create a new booking, click the Add booking button. This opens the Header tab of the booking, where you determine where, when, how, and to whom the creatives of this booking will be served.
    Add a booking - Click for a larger view
It depends on the client which fields are compulsory to complete.
It is required to choose a position in the Where section to save a booking. If a compulsory field is not filled in, you can still save a booking, but the mandatory fields will be set to their default value.