Campaign management

If the implementation of all tags is complete (see Adhese setup and implementation) and Adhese starts measuring (see Measure), Adhese quantifies the inventory volume of each position so you can manage inventory and plan campaigns (see Forecasting and planning).

Adhese makes it easy to create online campaigns. Adhese let you target, monitor, and optimise the delivery of online ads or content – whatever platform you wish to target. This is the core of our technology.

The following diagram depicts a simplified representation of a campaign's structure.

Campaign scheme 

A campaign consists of bookings and creatives. Bookings and creatives are connected. We can extend this diagram after we have explained the properties of a booking and creative.

Adhese has standard solutions for any type of online advertising, such as display advertising, video advertising, or text ads. Specific campaigns with tailor-made creatives or additional features and functionalities are also possible via adjusted templates. Additionally, Adhese can integrate with third-party servers and marketplaces like Rubicon or Adform (refer to Marketplaces for more information).

This chapter about Campaign Management focuses on how to create a campaign in Adhese. Each step in this process and the related features and possibilities will be thoroughly explained in distinct sections. You can only view and create campaigns for publishers and/or sub-publishers you are assigned to.