For planning and predicting future availability, the interface of Adhese has a second screen named Planning.

Running a planning report

To run a planning report:

  1. Go to the Planning screen. Click Planning in the left navigation menu of Adhese.
    Planning screen - Click for larger view
  2. Select a period. Choose a start (from) and end date (till) or pick one of the predefined periods.
  3. Select the desired publication from the Publication drop-down.
  4. Based on the selected publication, a list with all available formats appears. Select the needed formats.
  5. Click the Show planning button. This shows the planning for the selected period, publication, and format(s). If necessary, you can filter your request in the Filter field above the planning matrix.
    Planning screen report - Click for larger view

Overview of the planning report

The matrix shows the position's sold impressions instantly using colours:

  • White: 100% available;
  • Light green: more than 0% and less than 50% impressions are booked;
  • Dark green: more than 49% and less than 100% impressions are booked;
  • Pink: the position is fully booked (100%);
  • Red: the position is overbooked (more than 100%).

A small tooltip shows the exact percentage of the position's daily booked impressions (66,97% in the above screenshot) when hovering over the matrix.

The following figures for each position and the selected period are shown next to the matrix:

  • The position's expected volume of inventory or impressions;
  • The volume that is still available to be booked;
  • The average number of unique visitors and impressions for a weekday and a weekend day.

When you click a cell in the Planning matrix, an overview appears:

Planning screen extra information - click for a larger view

This overview presents the following information about the selected position:

  • The average number of unique visitors and impressions for a weekday and a weekend day.
  • The percentage booked indicates the number of booked impressions concerning the available impressions on the selected day.
  • A list that provides more information about the campaigns and bookings that are booked at the selected day:
    • Campaign ID
    • Campaign priority
    • Campaign name
    • Name of the position
    • Start date and hour of the booking
    • End date and hour of the booking
    • Type of booking
    • The volume of impressions that is booked for the selected day by the booking
    • Creator of the campaign

If you click a booking on the list, the Campaign Header tab will open in a new browser tab.

Please note that you can not add unique visitors together. The number of unique visitors of a channel position is not equal to the sum of unique visitors of all the individual positions of that channel.