Create a new position type

To add a position type:

  1. Click Admin in the left navigation menu. This opens the Administration screen.
  2. Click Position types, the Position types screen opens:
    Position types screen - Click for larger view
    For more information about the Position types screen, refer to Position types.
  3. Click the Create a new position type button. The Create a new position type screen opens:
    Create a new position type screen - Click for larger view
  4. Enter a name for the position type in the Name field.
  5. In the Force “Never empty” drop-down, select one of the following:
    • Select Yes to make sure the position always shows an ad. This is used in situations where a web page would otherwise break when no ad is available.
    • Continuous is a specific option for email campaigns. Select Continuous to equate the delivery period of the booking to the delivery period of the email campaign. The booking will display a number of configurable days before and after the start and end date. If you create a booking at such a position, the following notification will appear:
      Position type warning

      Make sure the request contains the da (date) parameter.

    • Select No if none of the above options applies.

  6. (Optional) Select a template file from the Template file drop-down. Refer to Templates for more information about template files.
  7. Select an output type (JavaScript, HTML, filename, or XML) from the Output type drop-down.
  8. (Optional) In the Preview template field, provide a template if a template is necessary to render the preview correctly.
  9. Click the Save button.