Create a position

Create a new position

To create a new position for each desired combination of a format and location of a publication:

  1. Click Admin in the left navigation menu. This opens the Administration screen.
  2. Click Positions. The Positions screen opens:

    For more information about the Positions screen, refer to Positions.

  3. Click the Create a position button. This opens the Create a new position screen.
    Create a new position screen - Click for a larger view
  4. Choose a location from the Location drop-down.
  5. Choose a format from the Format drop-down.
  6. (Optional) Enter a name for the position in the Name field.
  7. If you wish to serve, for example, a leaderboard banner ad in the header and the footer of the homepage, you have two identical formats but at a different position. To differentiate the positions from each other, provide any integer number and/or a string of characters in the URL field of each subsequent position.
  8. (Optional) In the Preview URL field, enter a URL for live previewing a creative. Instead of linking the preview URL to a publication, you can pick a specific page where this position will appear.
  9. (Optional) Enter a comment in the Comment field.
  10. Skip the next property (Server) as it is of no significance anymore.
  11. Select a position type from the Position type drop-down. Refer to Position types for a more detailed discussion about this concept.
  12. Click the Save button beneath the form to save your new position.
To create a position with one or more similar properties as an already existing position, you can copy the existing position