You can search for campaigns, bookings and creatives within your Adhese account by two different means: the quick search and the search bar.

  1. The quick search is at the top of each Adhese screen, to the right of the Adhese logo. Use the quick search to go quickly to a particular campaign, booking or creative by entering a search term and then press Enter

    Quick search bar - Click for a larger view
    Quick search screen - Click to see larger view

    The following list provides an overview of the search terms you can use in the quick search.

    • Campaigns
      • Campaign ID
      • Campaign name
      • Advertiser name
    • Bookings
      • Campaign ID
      • Campaign name
      • Campaign comments
      • Advertiser name
      • Invoice company name
      • Booking ID
      • Position name
      • Location name
      • Location URL
      • Publication name
      • Publication quote
      • Format name
    • Creative
  2. Within the Campaign and Delivery overview, you can use the search bar located in the upper right corner of the campaign filter. Use this field to search for more specific keywords. For example, if you type paying into the search bar, all campaigns booked at the paying priority level will be shown.