You can reach the main screens by using the main navigation on the left. By default, the navigation menu is expanded. Click the left arrow at the top of the navigation bar to collapse the navigation bar. Only the icons remain visible.

Main navigation - Click to see larger view

A breadcrumb trail shows where you are in the navigation structure of the Adhese interface. Click any breadcrumb to go to the corresponding screen.

Breadcrumbs - Click to see larger view

You can switch easily between campaigns, bookings, or creatives by using the drop-down menu. This drop-down menu is located in the upper right corner of each overview for an individual campaign, booking, and creative. The drop-down appears by clicking inside the box and shows the available campaigns, bookings or creatives.

Navigation dropdown menu

Click the arrows next to the drop-down menu to go to the next or previous campaign, booking, or creative.

If you have filtered the Campaign overview through the campaign filter, the Campaign drop-down menu will only show the filtered campaigns.

Next to the above drop-down menu, you will find a link that says Campaign list, Booking list, or Creatives list. Click this link to go back to the Campaign overview, Booking overview, or Creative overview, respectively.