Import mapping data with spreadsheets

Use the import function for mass importing data into Wikan.

Structure of the spreadsheet



An example sheet can be found above.

This example is a template you can use for all markets, as it contains the expected fields for all SSPs. In practice, you can only upload for one market at a time, so for clarity, it is recommended to remove the columns for every market except the one the spreadsheet is meant for.

If the market supports custom targeting, you can add column headers of your own to the second row next to the existing ones.
As long as the column name is constructed as "[market name]_custom_[target]", Wikan will know how to interpret the data and add it to the mapping data.

For example:

In this case, spotx_channel_id and spotx_placement are not custom fields, but one Wikan knows by default, spotx_custom_value  is a custom field.

In wikan, spotx_custom_value will be added to the data model as foobar=333, foobar=4444, foobar=placeholder.

Uploading the spreadsheet file to Wikan

In write mode, click the Upload Mappings button to bring up the menu.

In the following menu, select the market instance you wish to upload mappings for:

Select the spreadsheet file and click Submit:

If successful, the rows will be added, and a notification in the top left will notify you how many new rows were added and how many existing ones were altered:

Spreadsheet description

position_id, width and height are required fields.

Field nameSortTypeDescription

Active0 or 1Active = 1 or Inactive = 0
Common Fieldsposition_idInteger
Common FieldsplatformString
Common FieldswidthInteger
Common FieldsheightInteger
Common FieldsformatsArray of Strings
ex: “32x30,30x20”
ex: “32x30,30x20”
Common FieldscategoriesArray of Strings
Common FieldswlangArray of Strings
Common FieldsdomainString
Common Fieldsmime_typesArray of Strings
Common Fieldstag_idString
Common FieldspositionInteger
Common Fieldspublisher_idString
Site/Appsite_app_or_neither“site” or “app” or “neither”
Site/App FieldsnameString
Site/App FieldspageString
Site/App Fieldssite_app_idString
Banner/Videobanner_video_or_other“banner” or “video” or “other”
Video Fieldsvideo_delivery_methodsArray of Integers
Video Fieldsvideo_protocolsArray of Integers
Video Fieldsmin_durationInteger
Video Fieldsmax_durationInteger
Video Fieldsvideo_linearityInteger
Video Fieldsvideo_apiArray of Integers
Video Fieldsvideo_playback_methodArray of Integers
Appnexus Exclusiveappnexus_placement_idInteger
Appnexus Exclusiveappnexus_video_skipInteger
Appnexus Exclusiveappnexus_video_skip_delayInteger
Appnexus Exclusiveappnexus_contextInteger
Dale Exclusivedale_location_codeString
Dale Exclusivedale_format_codeString
Improve Exclusiveimprove_exchange_tag_idString
Mobpro Exclusive

Proxistore Exclusive

Pubmatic Exclusivepubmatic_schain_sidString
Rubicon Exclusiverubicon_schain_sidString
Rubicon Exclusiverubicon_site_idString
Rubicon Exclusiverubicon_languageString
Rubicon Exclusiverubicon_video_skipInteger
Rubicon Exclusiverubicon_skipdelayInteger
Rubicon Exclusiverubicon_size_idInteger
Rubicon Exclusiverubicon_alt_size_idsArray of Integers
Rubicon Exclusiverubicon_zone_idInteger
Rubicon Exclusiverubicon_custom_networkArray of Strings
Smartadserver Exclusive

Platform161 Exclusive

Adscience Exclusive

SpotX Exclusivespotx_channel_idString
SpotX Exclusivespotx_placementInteger