Adhese 2.0.42

release notes

  • Feature: A convenience field 'slot url' was added to some rotation API responses. (AD-2693)
  • Feature: A new campaign level action report is available. See documentation  (AD-2509)
  • Feature: A filter for recently updated campaigns is available (Configurable, defaults to 72 hours) See documentation (AD-2684)  
  • Feature: Short (limited targeting) urls are now used consistently when so configured. (AD-2530)
  • Feature: takeover creatives can be viewed in a new tab. This setting can be made available in the format section of the administration tab (AD-2698)
  • Feature: A Publication filter was added to datamine report "viewability". (AD-2629)
  • Deprecated feature: Campaign and delivery mini-dashboards are no longer shown. (AD-2775)

  • Bugfix: A bug where some preview urls were not compatible with RFC3986 was fixed.
  • Bugfix: A minor security issue during password  reset was fixed. (AD-2705)
  • Bugfix: A bug where it was possible to create behaviourals with a trailing space was fixed. (AD-2708)
  • Hotfix: A bug where some underdelivery conditions under trapezoid delivery were not automatically remedied, was fixed.
  • Hotfix: A problem with multiple book codes breaking Orderupload was fixed.
  • Hotfix: A problem where ampersand or square brackets where not escaped in creative urls was fixed.
  • Hotfix: A bug where a part of the delivery data for the previous day was counted twice was fixed.
  • Hotfix: A bug where delivery data between 24:00 and 01:00 was counted twice was fixed.