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  1. From the Creatives overview, select the main creative to which you want to add an additional creative. The Header tab of the creative opens. 


    You can only add additional creatives to a main creative that is already saved.

  2. The Header tab of the main creative contains a new section: Additional creative. This section displays four different URLs that enable you to add a new additional imageadditional image,  3rd 3rd party,  HTML5HTML5, or an advaran advar.
  3. Click the URL of the type of creative you wish to add to the main creative. The Header tab of the new additional creative of the main creative opens. The main format properties, such as the NameFormat, and Target URL, are duplicated for the additional creative. 
  4. For a description of the different fields in the Header tab of the additional image, HTML5 creative, 3rd party tag, or Advar template, refer to Add an imageAdd an HTML5 creativeAdd a third-party tag, or Add an Advar creative, respectively. 
  5. Click the Save button. The additional creative is now visible in the Header tab of the main creative under the Uploaded additional creatives section.
  6. Just repeat the above process if you wish to add another additional creative.


To edit an additional creative:

  1. From the Creatives overview overview, select the main creative to which the additional creative belongs to. The Header tab of the main creative opens.

  2. From the Uploaded additional creative(s) section, select the additional creative you wish to edit. The Header tab of the additional creative opens. 
  3. Edit the additional creative.
  4. Click the Save button to save your modifications.