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[adheseExpand: <ID>]

[adheseReplace: <ID>]

Is replaced by the values sent with the corresponding ID from the request.


A unique number used for reporting.


All parameters used in the ad request.


Contains the full request as it is sent to the ad server , but replaces all semicolon-separated values by a /prefixValue/ clause.

[adheseSetExpandPrefix: <prefix>]


Unix timestamp at the moment of sending the response, the number of milliseconds since 1970-01-01 0:00:00.


This parameter can contain additional parameters that are added to the targets of the request, for example, dmADV <ADHESE_ADVERTISER_ID>;OR <ADHESE_ORDER_ID>.


This parameter is replaced by the environment variable <KEY> of the request, for example [adheseEnv:HTTP_HOST]. See for an overview of all environment variables.


The value of the string identification for the requested position.


The value of the identification cookie.

[adheseDomain:ad_host],[adheseDomain:click_host], [adheseDomain:pool_host], [adheseDomain:track_host]

Contains the incoming host for the request. Usefull for 1st domain implementations with multiple domains.