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  1. Go to the Administration screen. Click Admin in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click Advar templates. The Advar templates screen opens:
    Advar templates screen - Click for larger view
    For more information about the Advar templates screen, refer to Advar templates.
  3. Click Create an Advar template. The Create a new Advar template screen opens:
    Create a new Advar template screen - Click for larger view
  4. Enter a name in the Name field. Choose a clear and logical name, such as pp-textad.txt.
  5. Insert the code in the File contents field. This code constitutes the creative's actual content that contains parameters that refer to the properties of an uploaded creative and its files. Refer to the Appendix Parameters for templates and Advar templates for an overview of the available parameters. Here is an example of some pieces of code:

    Code Block
    div {background-image:url(<ADHESE_SWF_SRC_3RD>)}
    <img src='<ADHESE_SWF_SRC_2ND>' width='<ADHESE_WIDTH>' height='<ADHESE_HEIGHT>'/>


    Add inline style attributes to an element to specify the design of the ad.

  6. Anchor
    The Example for creating new ads from this template field contains the descriptive file and makes it possible to create input fields when using an Advar template file to upload an ad. These input fields become visible when you select an Advar template as a creative. The descriptive file contains a JSON object that defines the different elements available in the template. It will determine how to render the form to the user. It can contain three types of fields:
    1. singleLineText,
    2. multilineText, and
    3. select (i.e. a list of options).

    Here is an example of the corresponding descriptive file of the above Advar template followed by a screenshot of the Advar form in the Adhese interface:

    Code Block
    "files": [{
    "default": "",
    "doc": "This will be used as logo",
    "label": "A first image",
    "key": "2nd"
    "default": "",
    "doc": "This will be used as background",
    "label": "A second image",
    "key": "3rd"
    "advar": "advar_example.txt",
    "fields": [{
    "default": "",
    "doc": "Select the source of your article",
    "label": "Article source",
    "type": "select",
    "key": "<advar_source>",
    "options": [{
    "value": "afp",
    "label": "AFP"
    "value": "belga",
    "label": "Belga"
    "value": "reuters",
    "label": "Reuters"
    "default": "",
    "doc": "Fill in the title of your article",
    "label": "Title",
    "type": "singleLineText",
    "key": "<advar_title>"
    "default": "",
    "doc": "Fill in the text of your article",
    "label": "Text",
    "type": "multilineText",
    "key": "<advar_text>"

  7. Click the Save button.