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  • White: 100% available;
  • Light green: more than 0% and less than 50% impressions are booked;
  • Dark green: more than 49% and less than 100% impressions are booked;
  • Pink: the position is fully booked (100%);
  • Red: the position is overbooked (more than 100%).

When hovering over the matrix, a A small tooltip shows the exact percentage of the position's daily booked impressions (66,97% in the above screenshot) when hovering over the matrix.

The following figures for each position and the selected period are shown next to the matrix:


  • The average number of unique visitors and impressions for a weekday and a weekend day.
  • The percentage booked indicates the number of booked impressions in relation to concerning the volume of available impressions on the selected day.
  • A list that provides more information about the campaigns and bookings that are booked at the selected day:
    • Campaign ID
    • Campaign priority
    • Campaign name
    • Name of the position
    • Start date and hour of the booking
    • End date and hour of the booking
    • Type of booking
    • The volume of impressions that is booked for the selected day by the booking
    • Creator of the campaign