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Historical, summarized data, such as the daily number of unique visitors, is available anytime and can always be archived by request of the client's request. The data is available through reporting, data mining, our API or on-demand as a custom report.


  • Legislation: some information is not allowed to be saved or can only be kept for a brief period. The unique identification of users and the storage of personal and other data storage is subject to national, European and international legislation. Adhese can assist and advise publishers in the matter. Still, but it is the exclusive responsibility of the publisher to comply with the law and to adequately notify users of their rights.
  • Common sense: the amount of collected data can be quite huge for some (combinations of) parameters. You have to question yourself if it is useful and desirable to save such a large amount of data. The answer to this question will differ from client to client. When a lot of data is involved, it is often recommended only to only maintain aggregated data.

Predictions are usually based on past data. It depends on the client's needs and strategy, which kind of data is saved, how much data is saved per day, hour, or even longer, and for how long.