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  1. Click Admin in the left navigation menu: the Administration screen opens.
    Administration screen - Click for a larger view
  2. Click Users. The Users screen opens.
    Users screen - Click for a larger view
    For more information about the Users screen, refer to Users
  3. Click the Create a new user button. The Create a new user screen opens.
    Create a new user screen - Click for a larger view
  4. Define the following details for the new user:
    • Select a publisher in the Company drop-down. This property determines for which publishers and/or sub-publishers a user can create a campaign. Accordingly, the Campaign overview will only show the campaigns from the relevant (sub)publishers. 
    • Choose a username in the Login field.
    • Pick a password in the Password field.
    • Determine whether or not the user's status is active in the Active drop-down.
    • Select a user level in the User type drop-down.
    • Select the user's default campaign priority in the Default order priority drop-down. The default order priority is the default value of a priority when you are creating a campaign. The default value is the highest available priority.
    • Select the user's maximum campaign priority in the Maximum order priority drop-down. For example, a user can book a campaign at any priority if you set the maximum priority value at paying. However, if you set this value in-house, the user can only book campaigns at the in-house priority level or a lower priority like stopper. The default value is the highest available priority.
    • Enter the first name of the user in the First name field.
    • Enter the last name of the user in the Last name field.
    • (Optional) Select the gender of the user in the Gender drop-down.
    • Select the language of the Adhese interface in the Language drop-down. The following languages are available: English, Dutch, and French.
    • Enter the user's email address in the Email field.
    • (Optional) Enter the user's phone number in the Phone field.
  5. Click Save.